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An egalitarian home for your Jewish community.

Why a Jewish Education

We no longer live in neighborhoods with dense ethnic concentrations, but rather pride ourselves in the diversity found around us. The invention of the Internet and other technologies has compelled us to expand our understanding of the world in which we live. This presents our children wonderful opportunities to experience the global community but may be challenging for them to determine where they belong in it. Providing our children with a strong Jewish foundation will help them understand that they are part of a longstanding community with shared values and traditions based on Torah and other sacred texts.

A modern Jewish education is so much more than learning rituals and memorizing historical facts - - it is a roadmap of how to live our lives. The Jewish values we teach in our Shul school at KHN will help our students navigate the ethical choices they will make during their lifetimes. We guide our students to make moral decisions grounded in Judaism with the intention of acting personally to influence globally.

At KHN, we work together to create a sacred space for our students to explore their Jewish identity and make deep connections between tradition and the modern world. Our students create their own community where they find support from others in times of joy and difficulty. It is more important than ever to help our children develop strong Jewish identities, despite their busy lives and immersion in diverse environments. By doing so, they can celebrate their uniqueness and feel delight in their heritage.

For more information about membership and a Jewish education for your children at Kehilat Hanahar, please contact Rabbi Jonah Rank, Education Director at 

Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779