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Rabbi Weekly Message

01/03/2020 09:44:08 AM


December 30, 2019/2 Tevet 5780

Dear KHN community,

It is a scary and vulnerable time for the Jewish people in America. While our KHN community may not be as visible targets as our brothers and sisters in Brooklyn or Monsey, we are aware that hate crimes against Jews in the United States have risen dramatically and disproportionally.
 We have a strong and active security committee at KHN, which monitors local, regional and national trends and recommendations, and uses that information to keep our community as safe as possible.
 On the first night of Chanukah, Scott and I welcomed over 70 members of our Little Shul community into our home to celebrate with singing, food, and light. On this last day of Chanukah, I am aware that the most recent act of violence took place in a rabbi's home during Chanukah. We may look different than the people celebrating in Monsey, but we are are not separate from them. We all mourn the loss of a sense of safety in our own private spaces and on our neighborhood streets.
On this last day of Chanukah, let us continue to live our Jewish lives openly and proudly, and shine our lights brightly.



Tue, July 27 2021 18 Av 5781