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Bagel U

“Bagel University” (commonly known as “Bagel U”) is a learning experience where members teach members at the Shul, in their homes, or on Zoom on a broad range of topics within Jewish heritage, religion, culture, and the arts.  “Bagel U” classes are a way of helping our members gain a deeper understanding of topics of personal interest that are related to Judaism. Members are encouraged to offer their suggestions of classes they'd like to attend as well as classes they'd like to lead!

For Winter-Spring 2021 we have a full slate of classes on Zoom to meet all interests. Click on a flyer below for a larger image, more information and a registration link.







Past Events

In February 2021 we had a large Zoom turnout for Rabbi Laurie Katz Braun sharing a sneak preview of her new one-woman show "The Reluctant Rabbi" exploring life-changing questions we ask ourselves and to help us read the signposts along the way.

Also in February 2021, KHN member Abraham Leibson led a discussion of about the Cairo Geniza. The Genzia, considered the second most important Judaic find after the Dead Sea Scrolls, was discovered at the Ben Ezra synagogue provided a unique window into the past, starting in the twelfth century, when Maimonides was the personal physician to the Sultan. Attendees viewed two YouTube videos, one by the book authors and the other from Cambridge University, which organized the find that was brought to them by Rabbi Solomon Schechter in 1896.


There was an exciting lineup of virtual courses and speakers during the summer and fall 2020, including a virtual cooking class by KHN member Judith Daniels and the first two-parts of a three part series focused on parenting skills presented by KHN member Geoff Wyckoff.   

Poetry Cafe:  The first Kehilat HaNahar Poetry Cafe was called a flaming success. Words lit up the Shabbat evening from the creativity of our own KHN members delivering heartfelt and humorous works.

Participating readers included: Lynn Levin, David Stoller, Andre Salz, Jennifer Fritch, Rabbi Diana, Abraham Leibson and Richard Kirschner. Also, someone read Susan Rattner’s haikus for her in her absence. The works of some of the authors can be read here.

Jews Learning About Islam: Our own Andre Salz delivered a talk about his own experiences of interacting with and learning about the history and the people who practice Islam.  The emphasis was on meeting people with a shared history and engaging on a human, not ideological or political level.


Thu, April 15 2021 3 Iyar 5781