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Shul School

Please click here to register for the KHN Shul School.

The Shul School at KHN offers online classes for children as young as four until students reach 10th grade. Our goals are to foster a love of Judaism, encourage an enthusiasm for Jewish learning, and instill a strong sense of Jewish community and individual Jewish identity.

We take pride in helping children feel at home in the synagogue and become an integral part of our Shul community. In years when we have met in our classrooms, we have offered additional off-site trips and volunteer opportunities for students and their families. When meeting digitally, we have made our virtual learning spaces places for play, prayer, reflection, and joy.

Shul School enrollment happens on a rolling basis until all classes are filled. If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren), please contact our  Education Director, Rabbi Jonah Rank at

About Our Curriculum:

The KHN Shul School is proud to provide a warm and high-quality Reconstructionist Jewish education. We meet 30 Sunday mornings a year; a regularly updated calendar of our school year's activities can be found at this link. In addition to our weekly Sunday morning meet-ups, the Shul School is proud to host this year an after-school virtual Youth Arts Beit Midrash--a virtual home where kids can learn Jewish values and narratives and express them through their preferred artistic medium.

On top of learning to read Hebrew, learning the music of Jewish prayer, and cultivating pride and meaning in Jewish identity, KHN's Shul School offers:

NEW THIS SHUL SCHOOL YEAR! A weekly after-school Youth Arts Beit Midrash (Jewish learning studio) for studying and creatively translating Jewish narratives and values into varying artistic media. Click HERE to register

- NEW THIS SHUL SCHOOL YEAR! Monthly learning about ensuring recognition, love, equality, and justice for marginalized groups of people (tailor-fit per age category).


  • A Pre-Gan/Gan/Alef (Pre-K/K/1st grade) curriculum teaching elementary Hebrew vocabulary and core Jewish holidays, rituals, and symbols through mindfulness, movement, and music;
  • A Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd grade) Jewish foundations curriculum centering on foundational Jewish stories, expansion of Hebrew vocabulary, and learning through play and arts & crafts;
  • A Dalet/Heh (4th/5th grade) focus on Israel today and Jewish life-cycle events supplemented by Hebrew decoding skill-building and familiarization with themes in Jewish prayer;
  • A Vav/Zayin (6th/7th grade) curriculum centered on Jewish history--including the development and values of Reconstructionist Judaism--supplemented by a monthly Mekhina ("preparation") program for families of students preparing for the practical and emotional steps of celebrating their becoming beney mitzvah;
  • A Chet/Tet (8th/9th grade) think-lab and practicum for bringing Jewish values into action in life's many spheres; and
  • A Yod (10th grade) confirmation cohort guided by the independent curiosity of its learners.

Please click HERE for a Shul School Registration Form.


Fri, June 18 2021 8 Tammuz 5781