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Purim 2022

After a one-year absence of in-person services due to the pandemic, we returned to our rocking Purim services in 2022 in hybrid style--in-person and on Zoom.

The program for the annotated Megillah Reading as well as lyrics to all of the songs can be found HERE

Here is the Zoom recording of all of the festivities.

A guide to where you can find different components of the night in the video:
Beginning of service at 22:56
Explanation of Megillah Reading & Spiel 34:10
"The Purim Spiel" begins at 39:10
Chapter 1 begins at 42:50
Chapter 2 begins at 47:43
"Palace Gates" begins at 53:30
Chapter 3 begins at 56:58
"Fallin'" begins at 1:00:09
Chapter 4 begins at 1:05:02
Chapter 5 begins at 1:07:39
Chapter 6 begins at 1:09:36
"The Haman Remembrance" begins at 1:11:53
Chapter 7 begins at 1:14:37
Chapter 8 begins at 1:16:42
Chapter 9 begins at 1:20:15
"Not Just One Bad Advisor" begins at 1:26:03
Chapter 10 begins at 1:30:57
"Medley of A Wicked Wicked Man into Chag Purim" begins at 1:33:57
"Kehilat HaNahar" begins at 1:39:28

Wed, April 24 2024 16 Nisan 5784