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Rabbi's Message

01/10/2020 04:45:09 PM


Dear chevreh,


***It appears that my KHN-generated email address has been hacked so please ignore any strange request you may have received from me. We are working on changing the password.


It has been a very tense week, not knowing whether we are going to war. There are violent forces in our world, heartless leaders and scary uncertainties. Spending time with others studying words of Torah and pursuing justice can help bolster our worldview in such vulnerable times – as well as in more peaceful times.


1. As some of you may know, this past Sunday began a new seven and a half year cycle of studying the Talmud each day, called Daf Yomi [learn more about it:]. I am thrilled to be on this journey, and have enjoyed it immensely so far. Today we read about the rabbis imagining that G-d prays. What does G-d pray? “May it be My will that My mercy will overcome My anger, and may My mercy prevail over My other attributes, and may I conduct myself toward My children with the attribute of mercy, and may I enter before them beyond the letter of the law." Brachot 7a. May it be so for all of humanity.


If you are ever free on Thursdays between noon and 1:30 pm, please join our Torah learning group which meets weekly. Also, rabbinic intern Allyson will be offering a class soon:


Torah/Qur'an Text Study with Allyson -- January 22, 6-7:30 p.m.

Did you know that the story of the Akeda, the tale in which G-d asks Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac, also appears in the Qur'an (Islam's holy book)? The story that Muslims read has some major differences, but also points to some common themes that are worth exploring so that we can start thinking about what our Muslim siblings read into it. You are invited to join Rabbinic Intern Allyson Zacharoff from 6-7:30 p.m. on January 22 for a Torah/Qur'anic text study. This will be a discussion-based class, where we will undertake typical Jewish chevruta pair study of both versions of the story, so come ready to participate. We are looking for an initial count of RSVPs, so please email Allyson at by January 17 if you are interested in joining.


2. As for social action and working with others towards justice, this coming Thursday, January 16th is the date POWER has been working toward--when we finally roll up our sleeves and get moving on our two campaigns.The evening will include training sessions to prepare us for the work to come, to bring our faith commitments to bear on justice and racial equity. POWER needs YOU, your gifts, your energy, your insight. Please plan to be there.

VOTER ENGAGEMENT: Working for an informed and engaged electorate in this crucial election year.


EDUCATION EQUITY: Challenging structural racism by working for the fair funding formula for Pennsylvania state education funding.


We'll spend most of the time in breakout groups--each team has a training prepared so you're ready to take the message back to inform our faith communities and get moving!


WHEN: Thursday, January 16, 2020

Light supper starting at 6:15

Program promptly at 6:45


WHERE: BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

2040 Street Road, Warrington, PA


Childcare Provided. ALL are welcome!


Finally, aside from Torah study and engaging in Tikkun Olam, sharing Shabbat together, whether over a meal with friends and family or in shul with our community can be a way to bring ease and joy to stressful times.


Wishing everybody a Gut Shabbos!


Shabbat shalom,


Rabbi Diana

Wed, July 28 2021 19 Av 5781