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Rabbi Weekly Message

October 18, 2019/19 Tishrei 5780


Dear KHN Community,


We are in the season of Sukkot, a time which asks us to move from the re-enactment of death during Yom Kippur to the building of a hut and moving back into life – if precariously, aware of our fragility – in the Sukkah. One name of Sukkot is Chag HaAsif, the festival of the ingathering, representing a time to give thanks for the bounty of the earth during the fall harvest.


What nuggets are you harvesting this year? What will you be planting for next year, to be harvested in the future? As this period is called z’man simchateinu, the season of our joy, how can you cultivate joy in your life?


We will be moving from Sukkot to Shemini Atzeret this Monday morning the 21st with a service from 8:00 am – 9:00 am which includes Hallel and Yikzor, as well as a special prayer for rain that is added and which we say until Pesach.


Although traditionally Simchat Torah would be this Monday evening through Tuesday, because we would like our younger children to participate, we are going to have a Simchat Torah dance party for children and adults on Sunday, October 27th at 10:15 am for an hour. Please come! The Little Shul by the River Band will be playing, and there will be caramel apple making. We will dance around with the Torahs (the new one will be here soon…details to follow!) including the stuffed Torahs for the little ones. We will open up the Torah and look at some interesting features. Shul School students will take part in this and attend their classes afterward.



I look forward to seeing you this evening for Shabbat services at 7:30 pm. Tomorrow morning we will be having services at 9:30 am as Evan Spiegel is becoming bar mitzvah. I will see you on Sunday at 2:00 pm for the unique Jewish music event.


Shabbat shalom,


Rabbi Diana



Mon, October 21 2019 22 Tishrei 5780